Friday, July 29, 2011

Never trust to any articles posted by Sumatra Pasak Bumi and its cloning websites (,,,, ect, I don't know how many website SPB have since they are like crazy posting rubbish articles that try to slander other companies) .

All those articles which are owned by Sumatra Pasak Bumi have been trying to influence people to buy tongkat ali from Sumatra Pasak Bumi only and slander every other company who sells Tongkat Ali. Even SPB created some websites like and which are almost similar to our website ( to make people more confused and influenced. The owner of SPB (Serge Kreutz/Sascha Ruiz) has been trying to play dirty competition with us since our opening in 2010. Yes, we (Indonesiaherbals) admit that we had not had complete certificates at that time (our opening in 2010). Despite that, we didn't sell any fake products that SPB stated.

After struggling for months since 2010, finally in early2011 we had those certificates including Depkes and FDA to prove that our products are genuine. Months before we had certificates, Serge Kreutz tried to protect the sales of Sumatra Pasak Bumi (SPB) by saying that all other products (from companies like Indonesia Herbals) were fake or laced with narcotics or drugs like Kratom. What he and SPB were doing is going to cause customers to stop buying Tongkat Ali, and everyone will suffer including SPB. I believe Serge Kreutz/Sascha Ruiz (owner of SPB) must be getting money from SPB in order for him to keep promoting their product and putting down everybody else's product. Now SPB AGAIN states that our BPOM certificate is not for
what we sell our because sample is in "serbuk" which means "powder". Of course our sample is in powder, not in capsule like SPB has. You want the powder inside the capsules not the capsules, right? We have talked many times to BPOM staffs and some pharmacist for appropriate result and now SPB states that our products are fake, that means SPB also slanders Indonesian Health Ministry and pharmacists.

Now, about the diarrhea that one customer had after consuming our tongkat ali (only one customer had diarrhea and SPB states that our product will cause diarrhea to all consumers), you need to know that this is a herbal supplement. Due to DFA regulations, no health claims can be made about this supplement. As with all dietary supplements, results will vary depending on your diet, health and physical condition. So having one diarrhea customer does not mean all customers will get diarrhea.



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